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Print Mimics Life

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Sometimes advertisers manage to create a print ad campaign that so closely mimics real life that its not only uncanny its brilliant. The iPad mini ads that appeared on the back cover of Time, Surfer, Wired Magazine, New Yorker and Wallpaper are a great example of an ad giving consumers accurate physical and visual clues for  a product’s features. The ads place the front cover of the magazine inside the photograph of a full scale version of the iPad mini against a blank background, which  allows the reader to judge how small the mini actually is. A less obvious benefit to the ads is that they serve as a subtle reminder that digital versions of the magazines are available on Apple’s Newsstand  app. The ad is even more amazing when you realize the average weight of a magazine (300 grams) also closely approximates the actual weight of the mini( 308 grams). I am not surprised these ingenious ads are  award winners .

marketing 615 apple-ipad-mini-new-yorker marketing 615 apple-ipad-mini-wired




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