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Print is Controversial

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Many print ads are creative, thought provoking, and fun but there are those ads that go just a little to far and cause consumers to voice their outrage. When Harvey Nichols launched it 2012 sale campaign it featured traditional sophisticated models in the ad with one exception. The models appeared to have peed themselves with excitement over the sale. The ads read ” try to contain your excitement”.  The company felt this was a humorous way to address the somewhat irrational responses consumers have to its world-renowned sale. The store has reportedly encountered consumers sleeping outside the store prior to the sale and experienced shoppers fighting over designer bargains, which sell for up to 70% off. While the store felt it was a humorous and inoffensive depiction of the fairly well known expression from the movie Pretty Woman “It was so good, I almost peed my pants” UK shoppers felt it was disgusting and in very poor taste. This is a good lesson for marketers that some things are better in words than pictures. I have to admit the tongue-in-cheek humor is lost on me.

marketing 615 harvey nichols man pee

marketing 615 harvey nichols pee 1

marketing 615 pee woman




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