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Print is Meaningful

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Many print ads  are created not to entertain but to promote  a worthwhile cause. This is the case with the award winning UNICEF print ads that ask for help in providing education to children in Chile . The Chilean educational system promotes the countries huge disparity between the rich and poor and has been the subject of protests by the Chilean population who hope to end the educational segregation, which favors the rich. The UNICEF ads seen below depict class portrait-style photographs of children in the streets next to a prostitute, drunk, and a dealer (influences the poor are exposed to). The ads tagline “A Child who learns is an adult who teaches” is part of the message intended to remind people that if they can change their education they can change the destiny of young lives. These ads are a great example that a message doesn’t have to be high tech to get its point across.

marketing 615 unicef 4marketing 615 unicef 3marketing 615 unicef 2marketing 615 unicef-drunk





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