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Print is Alive

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With the move by advertisers to use more lean techniques such as online video advertising, it is easy to assume that print advertising has become passe. However,  as Forbes points out, print is still a valuable and necessary component of an advertising campaign because it has specific advantages over online efforts. One of those advantages is print advertisements may remain visible for months or years while Internet ads may vanish in just seconds. Some of the best print ads are so visually creative  that the concept seems to jump off the page and capture the readers attention.

For example, what if you were a luxury department store and wanted to advertise an upcoming sale. As a consumer your first thought is not likely to be an ad that features a flock of pelicans, but that is exactly the kind of creative thinking that went into the award winning Harvey Nichols ad. In the ad below a huge flock of pelicans gathers around a single fish. One version of the ad simply says sale June first while another goes further to say be prepared to fight. The ad appropriately conjures up images of the mayhem that will ensue over the newly lowered prices. I don’t know about you but I have been to department and toy store sales that felt just like that!

marketing 615 pelicans Harvey-Nichols




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