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What Life?

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Remember the Toyota Venza commercial in which the teen talks about worrying about her parents after reading part of an online article that claimed older people were becoming anti-social. The teen claims her parents paltry 19 Facebook friends are far from real life and her own 687 friends. Meanwhile her parents are out in real life having a blast.

This was one of my favorite commercials because I often worry that the amount of time we spend on social networks is often causing us to become less social. People no longer sit and talk or go out and do things or if they do they spend the whole time posing for pictures to upload on social media and miss the entire experience. If you don’t believe me try and strike up a conversation in public and wait for that are you talking to me or are you a stalker look.

Recently, Facebook launched a new commercial ” The Things that Connect Us”. The ad uses  real-life scenes to portray the things that connect us. The ad then uses a string of bolded words to posit their relevance to Facebook.  This  Facebook  commercial fails not only because social media takes us away from real life but also because the analogies were so inane they actually enticed some people to create a funny parodies, which you can view below. After all if you spend all your time on Facebook you really can’t enjoy any of the things they say connect us in the first place.The whole thing just ends up being a poorly executed concept and an oxymoron.




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