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That’s Just Awful

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We see lots of great advertisements and fabulous promotions on social media everyday. There seems to be an endless amount of creativity when it comes to getting a brand message across. It seems impossible to believe that these marketing wizards of language and image could possibly ever have an off day and create messages that are, how should I say it? Well I guess is the best way to describe them is awful (sometimes just dumb), but watch out they appear more often than you think.

Take for example this holiday advertisement from the North Carolina Education Lottery. The ad features a mythical creature( gift horse) that appears and helps you decide if a gift is good or bad. In the ad a couple argues over whether an ant farm will be a good gift for grandma. The man who believes it is an excellent gift turns to the gift horse to make a decision. A slight nicker from the horse shows a disapproval for the gift and then the ad suggests a lottery ticket is always a good gift.  I get that horses are popular in North Carolina but from horse to selling lottery tickets? While I am sure there will be a few who find some kind of humor in this ( maybe because the gift in question is as ridiculous as the ad or possibly from thinking about how many times the set had to be cleaned up) but  I am not sure how this concept actually made it to a finished commercial.


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