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Say What?

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I am always amazed at what some people believe when they read social media. It’s like that State Farm commercial where the girl in the ad says “they can’t put anything the internet that isn’t true.” She then walks off still believing the guy she met on the internet is a French model (not even seeing him in person brings her to the reality that he is not even model material). Some consumers will believe no matter what you put in front of them but shouldn’t a hoax be somewhat believable.

So what if someone told you a well known television personality had passed away from a marijuana overdose by hooking up over 90 vaporizers into one tube and having a bunch of groupies continually load it with the stickiest most potent marijuana on the market. Would you believe it? That’s exactly what the Internet Chronicle did in an article on May 14th when it reported the untimely death of Austin (Chumlee) Russell of the hit show Pawn Stars. Apparently, many of the stars fans took to social media  to mourn his loss. Because the rumor persisted the star himself had to take matters into his own hands with several tweets. See the link below to watch Chumlee proclaim he is alive!

O.k., we can agree that the spoof site fooled a few gullible people but not only are the death spoofs in poor taste they aren’t all that creative and it doesn’t even look like they put a lot of effort into a believable story line. In a related story 2 months prior to this one they put out a story that Chumlee had been arrested with 7 pounds of marijuana that was intended for personal use. In my opinion an equally poor attempt at a spoof that lacks creativity. Come on all you creatives I want a spoof I can feel good about being duped by.





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