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Defying Reason

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There are some advertisements that defy any logical reasoning. To me the best way to describe what I mean comes from a line from Phil Robertson in Duck Dynasty’s fourth season. In the episode Si Robertson tries to explain why he is late to pick Phil and Kay up and what follows is a series of very illogical explanations. As a result Phil describes Si as a “logic vacuum”, a situation in which Si can suck the logic right out of any logical circumstance.

So where am I going with all this? Enter Adblock a browser extension that according to Ad Age will strip all ads from websites. In September the company was about to launch an ad campaign after producing a video that raised over $55,000 to help pay for conventional online ads and a billboard on Times Square. Next up for the company would be a full page ad in the New York Times and wouldn’t that be interesting, an ad in the newspaper that may now rely on digital advertising placing an ad to end advertising?Yes, you heard right a company who understands the power and importance of advertising is advertising to raise money to get rid of advertising (insert head scratching here, I did). The video beckons people to crowd source funds so they never have to watch a YouTube commercial again. Wait, wasn’t that what I was just watching? Oh the logic, where has it all gone?





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