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Viral Blending Video

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In my last blog I talked about a viral ad that promoted a product for a socially awkward subject known as Poo-Pourri, but not all of the top viral ads have to do with embarrassing products. Take blender company Blendtec’s YouTube web series Will it Blend?, for example. The ads began in 2006 and featured the then CEO Tom Dickson as he attempted to blend various items in order to showcase the power of the blender. The series became increasingly popular as they had i-Phone blends, holiday blends, and even a farewell to Tom Dickson as CEO Blendtec blend. By February of 2013 the show had accumulated over 217 million views and brought in 536 thousand subscribers. One of the more popular episodes is the co-chicken, which you can see below. In this episode Tom blends coke with a bone-in rotisserie chicken. The impact of these videos going viral is impressive. A 2007 Mashable article claimed Blendtec had increased it sales over five times into the millions and gained a priceless amount of brand recognition. Although the the star of the videos Tom Dickson has stepped down as CEO, the videos have continued. The success of this series really highlights the power of social media to ignite your brand.



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