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I got a good laugh the other day when I was sitting in my marketing communications class and the instructor was looking for a specific television ad and ran smack into a viral video ad for Poo Pourri.  While I had known about the before you go toilet spray for a long time ( my salon has had it in the bathroom for a few years now), the week before my ten year old niece had treated me to a reciting of the entire commercial and a request for a bottle for Christmas. The brand promises, “Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know”. I found it interesting that a product that addresses such an awkward subject had become such a hot topic. The ad features Scottish-born Bethany Woodruff making off color comments about you know the thing everyone does but no one really wants to talk about in her best high society English. It seems some marketers have found the secret recipe for taking these subjects online. The ad has helped to sell over 4 million bottles of the stuff and the video has been viewed 17.5 million times. I can only hope this means the end to some of those annoying commercials in the middle of my favorite television shows. If you have not seen the video yet your probably in the minority so have a look below.


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