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The Best of the Best

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Top advertisers gather every year in Cannes France to compete for top honors and the most prestigious award in the world. The top prize is the Grand Prix Cannes Lion Award and it has has been around since 1954. The Cannes Lions Awards are given across subjects such as media, mobile, television, cinema, and outdoor. I wanted to take a look at some of the best of the best in creative communications.

The first winner is a rail safety video and song created for the Melbourne suburban operator Metro(railway network). The three minute animated song contrasts a number of slightly gruesome but humorous “dumb ways to die” and activities around railways that could lead to similar results. The “Dumb Ways to Die” safety video went viral generating over 12 million You Tube hits in 5 days.  It is also reported to be in the top 10 iTunes chart and was ranked as high as number 6 globally for a short period. The video  was produced for the railway by ad agency McCann Melbourne, written by Creative director John Mescall and musically composed by Sydney musician Ollie McGill, keyboard player with the band the Cat Empire. On iTunes the song is credited to Tangerine Kitty ( a collaboration of Ollie McGill of the Cat Empire and Emily Lubitz of Tinpan Orange).

The animation is simple but sends a clear message to young people who often believe they are invincible. Be safe , think about what you do, or even you could end up dead. I think its a clever way to get teens to listen and pay attention to warnings. Take a look for yourself.





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