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The Best of the Best #2

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The next Cannes Lions Award in my series is a film craft award winner for the Paralympics entitled “Meet The Superhumans”. This is a title that really resonates with me because I work with amputees everyday and I know what herculean effort just everyday life can take. In my mind these individuals truly embody the meaning of perseverance and strength. The Paralympics began in 1948 as a way to rehabilitate injured WWII veterans.

The 2012 spot was directed by Tom Tagholm and from the team at 4Creative and took place over a 14 day period with five cameras in locations throughout the U.k. The film highlights several individuals and what they have had to overcome to become world-class competitors. Parts of the film show glimpses of solders being thrown back by explosions on a battlefield, cars flipping, and a worried expectant mother. All of the gritty moments of the film are meant to make you think about what these athletes have survived and make you realize that this is not a watered down version of competition. In fact, the wheelchair rugby competition is so violent it has been nicknamed “Muderball”. The game requires welders to be on standby to repair wheelchairs damaged by full-force contact between the players.





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