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Best of the Best #4

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As part of the Dove brand’s Real Beauty campaign, the brand introduced the ads led by Ogilvy Brazil São Paulo known as Real Beauty Sketches. The ads generated controversy in the U.S., but  whether you liked the ads or not they manged to come away with 2 Gold Lions for Best Integrated Campaign Led by PR and Best Use of Social Media.

The film ad depicts women sitting behind a curtain who were asked to describe themselves to a police sketch artist. The artist then compares the self-described picture to another one drawn from a different person’s  perspective. The ads are intended to drive home the idea that you are more beautiful than you think. The ads draws on a real human emotion in that many women are very critical of themselves and insecure about their own beauty. In the U.S. many felt there was a lack of diversity in the film and disagreed with the terms used to signal positive attributes such as thin. However, the ads received over 55 million views in just two months. Some of the reasons this ad was heavily viewed can be attributed to its 484 major broadcast news and lifestyle segments, thousands of online articles that have generated likes, comments, and shares (go social media), and the 14 parodies of the ad that have been created, which includes one that reverses the concept and features men. Watch the guys in action below.





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