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Tide celebrated being the official laundry detergent of the NFL by implementing the Twitter #Mudsling campaign to coincide with the beginning of football season. Tide used the digital roadblock to send out striking displays an engage fans. The CBS outdoor cube known as the digital roadblock is a full-motion, high resolution digital display on the NE Corner of 42nd & 8th in Times Square. For several hours the campaign showed various teams in opposition to one another in a two minute time frame. During the window fans had to protect their teams colors with Tide by tweeting insults and #Mudsling at the opposing team. Fans competed to have their tweets displayed and virtual mud slung at the opposing teams jersey. In the end, Tide’s virtual rinse spray cleaned way any of the virtual mud. The campaign has also partnered with one member of each of the 32 teams to serve as “color captains” to encourage fans to increase their passion for their team. Those who best display pride in team colors will have their photos shared by their favorite players on the teams Twitter page. This campaign should be a win for Tide because what fanatic football fan doesn’t love a rivalry.


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