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With all the reasonably priced available alternatives, I often wonder how movie theaters will continue to engage consumers and drive business to their doors. I believe a movie theater franchise in Los Angeles known as Archlight has a creative idea. The cinemas campaign included wrapped buses which served as mobile billboards and the hashtag “MyArchlight”. Fans were asked to post photos on Instagram of their favorite Archlight moments for a chance to win a movie party for 200 of their friends. An interesting facet of the bus wrap was the windows, which were meant to mimic Instagram photo frames, so that each bus rider injected an element of animation to the ad. The companies announcement for the winner is shown below and details were released on its Facebook and Twitter pages.

And the winner of What’s Your ArcLight? contest and a movie party for 200 is…

We asked you to show us why ArcLight is your theater of choice by using Instagram with the hashtag #MyArcLight. A big thank you to all who entered. From movie selections and filmmaker Q&As to caramel corn and membership benefits, over 1,500 entries were received. We were overwhelmed by the amazing visuals you sent and selected 369 of them to display on all five of the ArcLight storyboard walls in Los Angeles and San Diego.

marketing 615 archlight winner 2

marketing 615 ArclightBus_4





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