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In the Great Outdoors

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Companies that choose to implement an IMC plan have a variety of channels to choose from, so I thought I would focus my next few blogs on some cool outdoor campaigns that increase the power of their message by supplementing it in some way  such as the Vitamin Water campaign , which integrates technology to get its message across to consumers.

Vitamin Water’s national ad campaign “Make Boring Brilliant” asks consumers to use the hashtag #makeboringbrilliant to tell them what they find boring in their lives, so Vitamin Water can make it more exciting. Apparently many people who had to commute through Columbus Circle in NYC found it very boring and the company responded by transforming the long corridor with bright and colorful vinyl wallscapes that list hundreds of things the Vitamin Water can make brilliant. At the center of the ads are three giant video screens that invite bored commuters to press a large red button for “brilliance”. The integration of captive touch technology allows travelers to actually press on the button, which opens the doors behind the button to reveal a “brilliant” surprise. The images behind the doors may open to reveal boxing astronauts or a man painting on a beard but no matter what you reveal it is a great way to break up a boring commute.




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