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Who Are You When Your Hungry?

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Snickers knows people all over the world are not themselves when there hungry, so they recently sent caveman into the streets of Dublin to give away free candy bars. So how do you know who you are when your hungry? Not to worry, the company has created the Hungry-Me generator app; an online tool that lets you upload your picture and adjust it by choosing from 5 different hunger types. And if you haven’t yet created your hungry alter-ego, Snickers will be inviting people to hunger zones in the street and at sporting events where they can find out.

This made me think of all the great television ads I already love in this campaign. Two of my favorites are below. More importantly it is a great reminder that integration is not about having the same person saying the same thing over and over in different channels, its about making  the  brands message powerful and engaging. In this case snickers managed to match a brand truth( it can hold off hunger) with the human emotion that you get irritable when your hungry, which makes the message easily transferable to multiple mediums and makes it memorable in the minds of consumers.

marketing 615 snickers 2




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