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Toyota Elevates IMC

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It looks like Toyota is throwing the gamut at its 2014 Corolla advertising campaign “Elevate”. The marketing campaign hopes to attract the millennial generation while still appealing to baby boomers. Advertising for the campaign encompasses broadcast, print and digital,social, experiential, out of home, and mobile communication channels. The primary broadcast advertisement “Style Never Goes Out of Style,” features the Corolla and spans five decades of dance, song, and pop culture from 1960 to the present. While I agree selling 40 million cars over the last 50 years is cause for a celebration, this campaign misses the mark with me for several reasons. To begin with I am not really sure that millennials are all that interested in the history of the Corolla. Second, I think you would be hard pressed to find a baby boomer that would describe a Corolla as stylish. The Corolla has always been a entry level basic car,which leads me to my final point, that the real focus should be the Corolla’s all new redesign.

marketing 615 corolla 2

marketing 615 corolla 1




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