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As you have probably guessed by now, I am a huge fan of the creativity in Ballantine’s “leave an impression campaign. But my real hero is the company Ballantine partnered with to create the campaigns one of a kind technologies. The company was none other than the UK’s full service social and digital marketing agency Work club. This five-year old company won Marketing’s Digital Agency of the Year in 2011 and Campaign’s Digital Agency of the year in 2012 and it has landed accounts with well-known companies such as BBC Worldwide, Old El Paso, Nature Valley, GOOGLE+, and Heineken. And the highly demanded company is doing well. According to Campaign the company increased its revenue by 21% to £6.5 million. While working with Ballantine’s the company achieved a 109% increase in Facebook ‘likes’, approximately 2 million views of the tattoo video on YouTube, and a total of 3 million views for all videos in the campaign. The agency even designs cool toys to keep the creativity flowing such as a remote-controlled car fitted with infrared LEDs that detects the car’s orientation and position and has software that allows employees to drive it using iOS apps and midi controllers.

For Heineken owned Strongbow, the agency created Startcap (the first digital bottle cap). With Startcap limited editions bottles of Strongbow Gold were fitted with RFID technology and when the cap is opened it triggers sensors in the area that lead to unexpected real-life outcomes such as fireworks or confetti (how cool of an experiential event would that be).






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