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Beyond What We Know

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Many times a brand conveys its “big idea” so creatively we can’t help but notice. Heineken captures audiences with images of exotic places and events, music, and humor, but sometimes a campaign takes us, as they say in Star Trek, “where no man has gone before”. One of my favorite examples of this is the whiskey brand Ballantines’s “Leave an Impression” campaign.

When Ballantine first rolled out the the campaign brand director, Peter Moore, said “The campaign is all about individuality “It’s about leaving an impression by being true to yourself and living … with a strong sense of originality, charisma and style.” But where they took this campaign is nothing short of amazing.

In the videos below, Ballantine introduces a prototype internet enabled 100% cotton tee-shirt. With this first-ever tee-shirt users can program a message on the 1024-pixel LED screen ( think of what you could say here) , listen to music tracks through a headphone jack, and take a picture with its small digital camera. In the first clip tshirtOS is described as a digital extension of one of the original canvases for self expression, the classic tee. Although it was only a prototype, the video claims if there is enough interest it could make them available at a lower price.  The second video is a follow-up entitled “T-Shirt of the Future,” which received over 1.3 million views and featured two nerds who take the shirt out for a night on the town.





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