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Ballantine Goes Social

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In a previous post Beyond What We Know I introduced the Ballantine whiskey, “Leave an Impression, campaign”. However, the celebration of uniqueness in this campaign did not end with the internet enabled tee-shirt. In fact, the campaign became even more intriguing as the message moved through different communication channels . As part of the campaign, the whiskey company delivered another first-ever experience through three human API experiments conducted on Facebook. The events were streamed live and each of the 3 artists wore a head-cam so viewers could see and hear the process. In addition, viewers were also able to interact by asking questions and leaving their own impression by making suggestions about how the artwork should be produced. In the first experiment the artist created a first-ever singing animated tattoo by using a matrix code. In the second experiment the artist created an animated ice robot. And the third artist created a live animated graffiti wall.

While I would never want a tattoo, you have to admire the use of technology and social media to bring the companies message to life. Oh and for me it doesn’t hurt that two of the artists were from the U.K.





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