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Visual Communication Matters

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Today’s consumers are more visual than ever, so I think it is important to remember marketers can communicate with customers through means other than formal marketing communications. As one of the 4 P’s, products communicate through benefits, size, shape, and name. But what I notice most when I purchase products, is their packaging. I like it when product packaging is attractive, functional, and “green”. I recently came across an interesting integrated communications blog by Emerson College entitled New Labels On Packaging Include Instructions For Reuse.

This blog helps to remind marketers that product packaging is an important source of competitive advantage. Why? Because unique packaging can set a product apart from similar products on the market. In addition,packaging often plays an important role in brand awareness. And while the previous statements should be of importance to all marketers, what was really interesting was a new packaging trend in South America.

The trend originated with Quehagoconesto.org in Costa Rica, but now includes many Central American companies. The objective is to promote the resusability of the product packaging of mass consumed products by placing reuse instructions on the label. For example, a light bulb package would have a suggestion to reuse light bulbs as a vase on the package and provide complete project instructions on its website. I believe this initiative not only sends a strong environmentally friendly message to the consumer about the brands that display this label but also allows for important brand building two-way communication by allowing consumers to upload their own reuse ideas to the website.




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